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How to Run Your Self Storage Facility More Efficiently

Get the Sale in the Self Storage Industry

  • Never pre-judge the customer—you have no way of knowing what that customer is thinking or if they have the money to rent a space.
  • Treat every customer/potential renter the way you would like to be treated.
  • Identify the need or the customers hot buttons – ask what is the most important thing to you in your decision to rent storage. Use their answer to tailor you sales presentation. Don’t give the customer too many details as you will either bore them or confuse them—stay focused on what they said was important to them.
  • To close the sale you must sell yourself and your facility—build value into storage.—You must be sold yourself to make anyone believe you are sincere.
  • Maintenance should not be showing rooms.
  • Be prepared—know your comps rates, benefits and features so you can better sell your facility
  • Show and tell—take the customer on a tour of the facility and point out and explain all features and benefits—build value. The better the tour, the more likely the customer will rent with us as you build value and create a need for storage.
  • Give your potential renter your complete and undivided attention—maintain good eye contact and LISTEN to what the customer is saying. If the phone rings, let the NSC handle the call. If another customer comes in either let your assistant handle it or acknowledge the waiting customer and let them know you will be with them shortly (do not ignore them).
  • Assume the sale--- have confidence in yourself and your product.
    • Ask the customer to have a seat at the lease presentation area so we can start the paperwork.
    • Ask them which credit card they would like to use today
    • Ask them if they would like to go ahead and take advantage of the truck service to make their move easier
    • Ask them which lock they would like for their unit
  • Have some rebuttals prepared so you can better overcome customer’s objections
    • Why wouldn’t you want to rent with us today?
    • Offer the rest of the month free to get them to sign today.
    • Offer the phone if they need to call a spouse for approval
    • Explain the lease is only month to month so there is no long term commitment so if they decide they don’t actually need it, they only pay for the time they are in.
    • Offer smaller or less expensive unit types.
  • If price is really the issue, try breaking the price down by week or even by day to reduce "sticker shock".
  • Customer wants to shop around—try to overcome this objection by finding out what the real reason is for not wanting to make a purchase. Let the customer know that you are there for them and are willing to work with them to make a deal TODAY
  • Be careful of your body language.-- I used to wear a watch and often found myself looking at it—(not really even seeing what time it was but just looking at it??) and one day the person I was talking with asked me if I was in a hurry and I asked him why and his response was that I kept on looking at my watch. I realized the message my body language was giving off and I immediately took my watch off and threw it away. Speech is only 1/3 of the message you are sending out.
  • Create a sense of urgency-- If you rent that unit today I can give you ½ for 2 months--- I only have a few of these units available and at this price, they are renting quickly.--- You are here now and I know your time is valuable so let’s take care of this now and you can move in on Saturday….--- If you rent now, I can give you the rest of the month free and if you really don’t need it you can move out before next month’s rent is due.
  • After you ask for the sale, remain silent—let the customer take a moment to decide—don’t be afraid of the silence and start talking again.
  • Call Backs—we need to make sure all leads are followed up on at least 3 times. Good call backs ensure that life’s distractions don’t get in the way of the potential customer.
  • The sale begins after the sale—it is important to realize that after the sale has been completed, we must meet the expectations we built up during the sales presentation with excellent customer service.

Misc follow up:
  1. Need to make more timely walk throughs
  2. Pcard approvals need to be done
  3. All empty units with quality assurance tags and house locks—dated and filled out
  4. Access Code—730-9500
  5. AP coding- all done on line
  6. Review P MAXX on Merlin—all should be converted by end of Sept.
  7. Marketing – 8 hours per month
  8. CCC program—filling out cards and follow up
  9. Visiting comps
  10. Review emails with your staff

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