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How to Run Your Self Storage Facility More Efficiently

Image and Impression in the Self Storage Industry

You only get one chance to make a good first impression!

SIGNAGE AND BANNERS - what do they really say about your facility?

  • Lighted signs need to be 100% operational.
  • Banners need to be professionally done and in good shape.
  • Gate signs need to be current and readable.
  • No hand written signs.
  • Flags and pennants need to be clean with no tears or stains
  • Reader boards - need to be approved messages with no letters missing.
  • Brochures need to be stocked and applicable.
Landscape and Building- an important part of your facility’s image

  • Landscaping needs to be neat and maintained.
  • Buildings need to be clean and graffiti free.
  • Parking lots need to be clean.
  • Dumpster area needs to be maintained.
  • Hallways cleaned regularly.
  • Vacant units clean and tagged.
  • High traffic areas need to be painted as needed.
  • Windows cleaned periodically.
  • Offices should be clean and professional looking.
  • Bathrooms need to be cleaned and stocked.
Image of your staff - would you rent from your team?
  • In approved uniform at all times including name tags.
  • Polite and courteous at all times.
  • Professional and knowledgeable.
  • Minimize distractions - cell phones, irrelevant conversations, irate customers.
  • Set yourself up for success - have all needed items at arm’s reach.
  • Only offer what you can attain with customers.



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