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How to Run Your Self Storage Facility More Efficiently

Effective Marketing Ideas & Techniques for Your Self Storage Business

Our business climate has changed dramatically over the last year. In the past we could sit back and wait for the customers to come to us and simply rent them a unit. That has changed now due to increased levels of competition and a slow economy.

We need to be proactive and creative in our marketing efforts. We need to be smart with our marketing time and money and try to create a maximum impact with minimal effort.

The first thing we need to do is START NOW. We cannot wait for tomorrow because tomorrow will never happen and if we wait too long for tomorrow to happen we will lose today.

Remember, If it is to be, it is up to me. Enough philosophy, let’s get down to business.

Marketing techniques
  1. Lead Follow-up Box (Rent, Rent, Rent (RRR) Box).
  2. Pass it on referrals.
  3. Word of mouth.
  4. Local advertising- Val Pak, newspaper, radio…
  5. Chamber of Commerce.
  6. Banners/signage
The easiest and most effective marketing tool we have---- THEY CALLED YOU!!!

  1. Set up clipboard at every phone with local map and directions, unit availability report and blank PTC card.
  2. Use the PTC card for every caller and walk in to record rates quoted, customer info……
  3. Call back with in 1 hour of initial contact to offer additional info to customer or clarify any questions they may have.
  4. Call back at least 3 times (including initial call back)- try to call back on Saturday and Sunday so you have a better chance of getting someone at home.
  5. If customer requests additional info, than do a mailer including feature card with rates filled out, Store with USA brochure, business card, ˝ for 1 or 2 month business card, and a flashlight.
  6. Set up appointments and call to remind customer of appointment.
  7. NRC leads—NEED TO CALL BACK. These are the best leads of all PTC cards because the reps at the NRC do a phenomenal job of selling the facility and STORAGE USA to the customer.
Every letter that leaves the facility needs to include a "Pass it on" letter. We should not waste this great opportunity to get the message out to our tenants when the only cost is printing.

If you are providing a good service to your customers than you can rest assured that they will be happy to refer you to a friend or an aquaintance in need. A verbal referral is the best referral you can get.

For the next 2 months, anyone who is below 80% occupancy can increase the "Pass it on" discount to the referring tenant to 50% to increase buy in. I suggest ordering a stamp from either Clarke’s or Staples that says "50% to our valued customers" as opposed to hand writing it on. Also, use a bright color for the stamp such as blue, red, or fluorescent green.

3. Word of Mouth
This is the best referral you can get. Treat the customer right and they will refer you and your facility. It may not happen today, but the dividends of good customer service are limitless.

4. Local Advertising: Val Pak, Clipper Coupon, Newspaper
This is the most expensive and probably one of the least effective methods we have to spread the word.

We need to make sure if we are going to spend the money, that we track the returns. Make sure you have a folder set up called "PROMOTIONS" or "LOCAL ADVERTISING". Make a copy of contract and attach coupon to contract and place inside folder.

If we can’t track the return, we will not spend the money next time on something that is either not valued by the team or simply ineffective.

5. Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber is an effective tool to get involved with the business community. Schedule yourself to attend some events or dinners to do some networking. We need to network ourselves to the business community and there is no better vehicle than the Chamber of Commerce.

Contact your Chamber to get a mailing list of all members, if you have not done so already, and mail the package out we mentioned in the past to each member.

Find out what publications or mailings the Chamber sponsors and we will get involved in those as well.

6. Banners/Signage
Review the banners you currently have (replace those that are worn out) and place up through out the facility.

At a minimum you need to have the Pass it On banner at each entrance and maybe even each exit.

Reader board message also needs to be changed frequently to send the right message to our customers.

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