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How to Run Your Self Storage Facility More Efficiently

General Self Storage Management Practices

1) Phone management:
The phone is our most important tool that we have in our properties - probably as important as our storage units.

Many customers call first so it is essential that we give them our attention and ensure that we are polite, professional and informative.

Every time that phone rings, it could cost more than $20.00 per ring in Yellow Pages costs and could mean lost income of more than $1000.00 for an average rental!!! If you do the math that number is staggering!

This is our first and last chance to impress that customer.

Some simple tips -
  • Avoid putting customer on hold.
  • Never say "No" or "we cant do that" to the customer.
  • Listen to the customer
  • Offer feedback.
  • Avoid distractions or noisy areas when talking with customers.
  • Be upbeat and positive.
  • Utilize the RRR cards and feature cards.
2) Insurance sales:
An opportunity to increase level of customer service & satisfaction and increase revenues.

Insurance policy sales are here to stay. It is essential that we get in the habit of offering this to our customers. How you present it is the most critical thing. We need to believe in the product.

The best thing we can do is to try different selling pitches until you find one that is works for you. The most important thing to do is to ask for the sale.

3) Inventory sales:
Inventory sales are an untapped fountain of wealth for many locations. It is also a way to increase your earnings as well.

This by far is the easiest sale. We all just need to ask every customer as they are signing the lease- "Do you need any boxes". This may sound too simple to work but if you ask every customer, you will increase inventory supplies. A very successful company also uses this simple sales method-

McDonald’s- "would you like to supersize that order?"

4) Admin and late fees:
Waiving late fees and admin fees should be something that is only used to satisfy a disgruntled tenant or to avoid losing the rental.

When we waive these costs not only are we losing income but we are allowing the customers to run the business and instilling bad habits. When has the video store or credit card every waived a late fee for you? (you can even incorporate this into your rebuttal to the customer).

5) Conversion opportunities:
In an effort to better track the demand for units, I need every facility to keep a Potential Income Report on a separate clipboard. When you receive an inquiry for a unit that you do not have available, make a check mark next to that unit type. Use the same Potential Income Report for at least 30 days. At the end of the month we can tally up the results and get a better picture of the true needs for your facility. Please make sure that your entire staff is on board with this and we start tracking immediately.


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