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How to Run Your Self Storage Facility More Efficiently

Selling Ideas Version 1.0

Getting a commitment over the phone

  • Say --- My name is _______ and YOU are _____________?
  • Get a name whenever possible – use it two to three times in the conversation
  • Verify as early as you can if they are a credit card user.
  • Simply ask – We are ready to take care of your storage needs today, how soon can you come in?
  • Simply ask – If I could __________ would that make it worth your while to come in today?
  • Use brief conversation to find common ground and establish a relationship.
  • Discuss QUALITY whenever possible
  • If they want to look at the competition fine but visit you before they make a decision.
  • Remind them that discounts have expiration dates
  • Remind them that the best units go first and fast
  • Ask for the rental/sale/commitment directly
  • OPEN-ended questions get you more information
  • ALWAYS tell them how a feature can save them time/money or make life easier for them.
  • Know exactly when to go into NEGOTIATION mode.
  • Vary the tone of your voice so that it is not monotone.
  • Smile when you pick up the phone
  • Avoid using local or regional slang phrases
  • Remind them about referral programs
  • Say – the best way to make sure you are getting the right unit is to come by our place AS SOONAS YOU CAN!
  • Say – If you want to take advantage of the great deal I just told you about? I will need to make a reservation for you today or make an appointment for you to complete YOUR rental process.
  • Take no less than THREE "No’s" and NEVER end ANY call on a negative note…
Training the team to Sell!

  • Use the Rent- Rent- Rent program
  • Every team member in the office should have a sales challenge
  • Team members have to be held accountable for image – clean, serviceable and pressed uniforms the minimum standard
  • Use role-plays when there is down time to practice
  • Make sure their incentive is a fair share for their effort and results
  • Do not take ANY training shortcuts – complete all sections as outlined and make sure follow up is done
  • Managers need to set the example on the phone and with the customers at the facility
  • Everyone needs to understand buying signals
  • Everyone needs to know when and how to ASK for the SALE
Overcoming price objections
  • Be direct - simply ask what size unit they want the price for and do they have ANY pricing from ANY one else – then give them the price
  • Tell a value story
  • Make sure the price compares apples to apples etc
  • Have accurate info on competitors’ prices
  • Explain the rental total item for item
  • Translate the price into dollars per square foot compared to using the space in their home or office
  • Reduce price to the ridiculous i.e. dollars per day – then compare that to some common expense
  • Know the specials (promotions)
  • Know and explain discounts
  • Be prepared to initiate a pricing special if it will keep the deal
  • Add a value to the price i.e. a lock, boxes or shelving
  • Explain any free rent programs i.e. 13 month deal
  • Show them a recent customer comment card – positive experiences PLEASE!!
  • Explain the referral plan and how much they could earn to defray their rental costs
  • Offer a conversion, if location is not an issue, on slower moving units
  • Have testimonial customers – who you can reward by having them… tell the SUSA story and why they rent there to new prospects
  • Waive admin fee
  • Ask if they qualify for special pricing such as Military Discount or Senior citizen
  • Ask if they are affiliated with GE businesses
Selling Features - Advantage-Benefits
  • Don’t be a FEATURE machine gun – BE A BENEFITS CANNON!!!
  • Identify six BEST features at your facility – know the benefits of those features
  • Develop questions that will give you a chance to highlight your best features over the phone.
  • Train everyone to employ feature presentations when showing a unit.
  • Train everyone to recap key features during negotiations
  • Train everyone to review best features during the lease or commitment phase
  • Make sure that your key features are ones the competitor cannot match or compare to their advantage
Finding Local Commercial Business
  • If you have climate control – say so loud and clear
  • Rummage through business card bowls at local pubs/eateries for leads
  • Push billing and invoice options
  • Access hours – if you need to give it away - do it
  • Join Chamber of Commerce
  • Attend large shows such as Home and Garden or Contractors Expos
  • Use internet for marketing research i.e. MSN YELLOW PAGES on Merlin
  • Contact sales and marketing department for hot leads in your area
  • Movers – do they know you?
  • Contact existing commercial customers for referrals
  • Have a business-to-business open house
  • Identify best commercial prospects within 3-5 miles of your facility
  • Attend Rotary/Kiwanis meetings
  • Make friends with the local law enforcement and emergency response workers
  • Subscribe to local business newspapers
  • Find some legal offices and make them your file box customer – deliver the boxes in person if you have to.
  • Make a point of meeting the managers of the places where YOU do business (grocery store, gas station, coffee shop, hardware store, pub, video store etc) make sure they have your card and some referral info – remember, they have a vested interest in your SUCCESS!!
  • Make sure your 411 listing is current and accurate!!!!!
  • Make sure you Yellow Page and Internet info is current and accurate.
  • Make sure you have the new commercial flyers.
Getting extra revenue – Boxes and Tenant Insurance
  • MAKE SURE THE SIGNS ARE UP and in good repair
  • KNOW your goals
  • Showroom is set up properly
  • All hooks need have product on them
  • Everything is priced and stock levels on best ten sellers is at a three week supply
  • ASK – how many they need – not if they need…
  • SUGGEST – the little things – markers, tape, bubble wrap, newsprint –they will need it and they might not come back to you to get it.
  • SUGGEST – box sets to get best value
  • Discounts for large volume customers
  • Find the fastest way to get boxes to customer
  • SHOW and OFFER highest priced locks FIRST
  • Take best lock with you to the unit and show how it works
  • OFFER insurance to all new customers who qualify
  • Make sure brochures are in stock- and displayed prominently
  • ASSUME the customer wants this service and reinforce that by saying – WHICH policy will meet your needs?
  • Reduce cost to the ridiculous – for example a $13 dollar a month premium cost? 43 cents a day!! The average American loses 39 cents a day in pocket change and has no idea where it goes!
  • Periodically review Insurance policies and practices with your team – remember we OFFER and PROCESS POLICIES – we do not sell!

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