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About Proven Self Storage Management

Proven Self Storage Management is a professional self storage management company made up of a team of seasoned experts who all possess extensive multi-unit operations experience in self-storage management, property management companies and other demanding retail environments for Fortune 500 corporations. With this extensive knowledge and training, our team will provide results and positively impact your self storage facility, without the corporate bureaucracy and red tape that often limits growth and adds frustration to the mix. Our belief is simple- "if it needs to be fixed, fix it, and everything is fixable".

Our goal is to drive revenues at your self storage facility.

Garry Merritt - Partner Bio, Proven Self Storage Management

Garry Merritt, one of the partners of Proven Self Storage Management, has extensive corporate experience. He has over 17 years of successful operations experience from service to retail to self storage and this extensive knowledge has enabled him to positively contribute to Proven Self Storage Management's success.

Garry graduated college in May of 1989 with a degree in Business Economics. He joined the work force with Midas International as a manager trainee. There he learned every aspect of management and customer service on the front lines by running a million
dollar + store. Working in a union environment with a demanding customer base proved to be second nature as Garry quickly established himself as one of the top managers in the industry. He was promoted to District Manager where he again excelled by recruiting and retaining top notch personnel to drive sales to an all time high.

Garry then moved on to work for Storage USA, a General Electric Company, where once again his extensive management skills proved to be an incredible asset. He easily proved that his performance at Midas was repeatable in an entirely different industry by again having the top performing district five out of six years. His contribution to GE was recognized repeatedly as he set unprecedented growth records year after year. He was promoted to Senior District Manager where he managed in excess of a 30 million dollar a year market with over fifteen locations and 80 employees. Garry used his problem solving skills to enhance an in house computer software program and to anticipate changes in the market place and to assist in the acquisition and disposition of numerous facilities. If there was a problem to be solved, rest assured, Garry was leading the team to resolve it.

During his tenure with Midas International, Storage USA and General Electric, Garry underwent extensive training with all three corporations from team building classes/events, Human Resource Training, computer training and field training. After amassing this extensive knowledge, Garry decided it was time to reap the real fruits of his labor and go into business for himself.

Garry’s vision for Proven Self Storage Management Services LLC is to provide a management company that is focused on driving revenues to the owners of the companies he manages. Rather than focus on getting as many properties under his management umbrella, we limit the number of properties per consultant to ensure a positive impact at your facility. By ensuring quality time is spent at the properties, Garry is confident that he can create a positive, fun and profitable work environment for all.

Brad Richardson - Partner Bio, Proven Self Storage Management

With over 20 years experience in the Self Storage Industry Brad has vast knowledge from site selection and feasibility to project development and daily business operations of multi-unit properties. Prior to entering the Self Storage business he achieved national recognition as a consistent Top Ten Producer for a retail store chain, as a result duties expanded to National Sales Trainer. He conducted seminars nationwide while fulfilling local management responsibilities.

Brad has held the position of General Manager over seeing up to 84 climate-controlled facilities in nine states. Facilities included office warehouses, boat and wine storage along with two R.V. parks. Responsible for over 200 employees and nine district managers. Brad specializes in increasing the NOI of Self Storage Facilities through site specific rate policies along with proper sales training and local marketing, unit mix and site appearance to maximize customer service and minimize competition.

Brad has the executive, administrative and supervisory experience along with emphasis on acquisition and development of new properties combined with the management of daily operations and analysis of profit and loss to make a location a success. This experience allowed Self Storage 1 to achieve a premium sale price of two locations, one in Honolulu (17m.) and another in San Francisco (19m.) also the development of two very high end locations in L.A. and Houston. Brad’s work with Private Mini Storage and Self Storage 1 gave him a wealth of experience in all aspects of the business, from IT and HR to operations and development. With all of his experience the possibility to meet and exceed company goals could be realized.

For a buyer Brad can help with site selection, feasibility and potential profitability to design, development and operations. Also manage and train personal. For a seller he can conduct on-site analysis and evaluation and provide recommendations to increase profitability or substantiate the sale price of your property.

Richard Becker - Partner Bio, Proven Self Storage Management

Richard Becker brings to Proven Self Storage Management over 25 years combined experience in project and storage facility management. Richard also brings his exceptional people management skills utilized over the years to provide property managers with the tools and leadership to achieve maximum profits in the self storage industry.

Richard began his career working for several Fortune 500 retail companies, leading to 15 years of experience in all areas of management from dissecting operating statements, expense control and H/R issues.

He used that expertise to start his own company, RMK Industries Inc, holding the position of President and CEO. RMK Industries performed all types of commercial and residential construction leading to his initial exposure into the self storage industry. RMK Industries contracted to many of the top operators in the industry, including Private Mini Storage.

Richard began his 10 years in the storage industry working for Private Mini Storage, as well as several self storage management companies.  Richard is experienced in all aspects of the storage facility industry, having successfully managed over $100M in assets as a Regional Manager. His impressive team of District Managers and Area Managers operated a territory in 4 states that ranged from El Paso, Texas to Greensboro, North Carolina. His territory was comprised of 10k+ units that equaled more than 1 million square feet of rental space and generated more than $1M per month in total revenue.

With his passion for the industry and drive to succeed, Richard can help with any of your storage needs be it portable or traditional, be it a one day property evaluation or a long term 3rd party management partnership. Proven Self Storage Management is the right choice for all your storage needs to move you from the “Red into the Black”.
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