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Self Storage Management Services

Revenue Projection ChartProven Self Storage Management is unlike other self storage management companies looking to manage as many facilities as possible. Our goal is to drive revenues at your facility. To do so, we limit the number of properties per Consultant to ensure you see our team members more than once a month, unlike other third party management companies that overload their DM's with 15- 20 properties and too much administrative work, allowing them only enough time to react to emergencies. By limiting the number of properties per Consultant, we will be able to spend valuable time coaching and mentoring your team to be successful, drive revenues, and improve customer satisfaction. An additional benefit to you is that we offer more personalized service to meet your needs unlike most mini storage management companies.

Our team of seasoned experts all have extensive multi-unit operations experience in self-storage management, property management companies and other demanding retail environments for Fortune 500 corporations. With this extensive knowledge and training, we have learned how to provide results and positively impact your facility, without the corporate bureaucracy and red tape that often limits growth and adds frustration to the mix. Our belief is simple- "if it needs to be fixed, fix it, and everything is fixable."

Decrease vacancy loss, increase revenues

Proven Self Storage Management has extensive experience with acquiring properties and dispositions, both first hand and in class room type training. Both are a very traumatic experience for all involved and should not be taken lightly. The impact from a purchase or a sale of a property can impact a property and the staff dramatically. Uncertainty is not very easy to deal with. Another significant factor is the performance of the property. With today’s capitalization rates, any decline in performance could result in a drastically reduced sales price- something no seller wants to deal with.

COMPLETE Self Storage Management Services

Fortunately, we can provide assistance based on real life experience to ensure your staff continues to perform during the transition. Our team has been through more corporate related changes than any individual should ever have to endure. The common denominator is human nature - you can anticipate one of three reactions to change:

1. Embrace change and grow from it.
2. Resist change, but eventually surrender to it.
3. Refuse to change and leave the organization (willingly or not).

Proven Self Storage Management has enough first hand experience to provide a well thought out plan to ensure employees stay focused and your facility continues to perform effectively to ensure the transition comes to a successful end.

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